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Itineraries to visit italian beauties

The “Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice” in Florence

If you are in Florence, you can’t miss the chance to eat in this wonderful place called “La Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice”, recalling the city’s most important figure, Dante Alighieri.

Situated in the centre, in via del Corso 27/r, just a block from the Dome, the place offers a really nice atmosphere, and, unnlike several other eateries located in the same area, it’s quite spacious and equipped with comfortable seatings. The perfect location for all the tourists who get hungry while visiting all around and want to eat something fresh and cheap.

Apartments for rent Lazise

Are you thinking about a holiday near the Garda Lake? The best solution for you is definitely the Residence Corsocangrande 25, where you can have all the comfort you need. Apartments for rent Lazise is a good solution for those tourists who want to enjoy the place independently.

Situated at few kilometers from the Scaliger walls and the Cansignorio Gate, it is the ideal place for your stay in the Garda Lake shore because of the surrounding place and the quality of the apartments.

The Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian islands, which are better known with the name of Lipari, are an archipelago formed at different times by the vulcano. This is the main reasons why they have been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The name comes from Aeolus, the Greek keeper of the winds. It’s unbelievable how life over there changes according to the seasons: in winter there are only 12,000 people but in summer thousands of tourists go there to relax on the beaches and to swim in the crystal waters. In fact, reach the islands is very easy: ferries departing from Palermo and Naples work everyday in order to offer a great service to the visitors.

A tour in Florence

If you are in Florence and you want to explore it in a not ordinary way, take a promenade through the most characteristic sites of the city which are often left out of the traditional touristic itineraries. Start at the central train stration and walk until the Piazza Santa Maria Novella, a square dominated by the wonderful façade of the church. It is a perfect combination between Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Budget Sardinia

budget trip in sardiniaDo you like Sardinian sea, but the offers around seems to be too expensive ? With this guide we want to help you in finding beautiful locations suitable for a low budget trip.

First of all, don’t think you are going to be addressed to second hand structures. With our advice you’ll be able to access hotels, residences and restaurants less known and less advertised. They are cheaper only for this reason.