Capri: holiday rental villas and apartments in Amalfi Coast

Capri holidays rental villas Capri is a tourist destination that is loved and appreciated all over the world. This island, known as “Gulf of Naples pearl”, has so many natural beauties that has always fascineted its visitors.

Over the centuries, Capri has also being source of inspiration for writers, musicians and painters who have dedicated their works to it. This city, located in the southern of Italy, fall in love with many famous producers that transform it in a spectacular scenery for their films and tv series.

In Capri there are many beautiful and romantic places to visit, and for this it is become a true legend that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

EFF Cucina e Stagioni restaurant

The EFF Cucina e Stagioni in Milan is a great place where to spend a special evening where lights, colors, live music and great food are the keywords.

In particular, if you go on Thursday, you will listen to some great live jazz music while you are eating in a charming room where guests usually take pictures of it, because it looks like everything is real and the pictures on the internet are not fake.

The real surprise, then, is the food, of course: the chef Roberto Bellitti is very talented, that is why he tries to offer a rainbow of dishes in a compact menu, which is usually based on seasonal ingredients. One of the menu dishes, for example, is the crispy egg which is called in Italian “uovo croccante”. It is a delicious reinterpretation of an Icelandic recipe.

The “Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice” in Florence

If you are in Florence, you can’t miss the chance to eat in this wonderful place called “La Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice”, recalling the city’s most important figure, Dante Alighieri.

Situated in the centre, in via del Corso 27/r, just a block from the Dome, the place offers a really nice atmosphere, and, unnlike several other eateries located in the same area, it’s quite spacious and equipped with comfortable seatings. The perfect location for all the tourists who get hungry while visiting all around and want to eat something fresh and cheap.

A very interesting Etruscan itinerary

Castellina in Chianti, located in the heart of the Chianti region, as the name suggests, is a nice but small town in Tuscany, very famous for its historical past during which the place was lived by the Etruscans.

Situated in a strategic position, halfway between Val d’Elsa, Val di Pesa and the Arbia valley, Castellina hosts numerous old monuments and historical finds, remembering not only the notable importance of the Etruscan civilisation, but also the medieval time, in which the ancient walls around the town were built. Nowadays, unfortunately, they can’t be seen anymore, since they are almost completely demolished, apart from a small section underground.

Tips to save money while you travel to Italy- part 1

It’s not true that Italy is so expensive! It depends of course on how you want to spend your vacation and have fun. Something you can do in order to keep the costs down is making your travel in Italy more affordable.

You can find some meals in restaurants to be great value for the quality. If you travel in couple, with your wife/husband, boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, you can have the chance to eat a full lunch or dinner with 2 courses (an entree and a first meal called in Italian antipasto and primo), water, wine and coffee for just 20€. Occasionally the price goes up to 30-40-50€, depending on the place where you are eating at!