Three must see places to visit in Lucca

luccaIf you are in the beautiful Tuscan city of Lucca, there are some places not to be missed. Here there is a small but interesting list.

The Guinigi Tower, with its 130 stairs, is one Lucca’s XIV Century towers, and it offers a breathless view of the area. It is located in Via Guinigi, one of the best-preserved medieval street in the city, which also hosts the famous Case del Giunigi, a complex of brick houses and towers.

The Hanbury botanical garden

hanbur botanical gardenIf you happen to be near the borderline between Italy and France, and if you are a garden lover, do not miss the chance to visit the Hanbury botanical garden.

Located on the Capo Mortola promontory, it extends on a 18 hectars area, half of which is cultivated with both tropical and subtropical plants coming. They come from several zones on the planet where there is a Mediterranean climate.

The other half of the place contains self-vegetation which usually grows in the Mediterranean area. This is pretty curious actually, since the promontory as a very mild climate, especially in winter, when temperatures seldomly goes below 0°C (which means 32°F).

“La Tana del Re” restaurant in Turin

tana del reVisiting Turin is not only going around to see museums and monuments, but it’s also enjoying the “movida”, which is the night life.

This Spanish word, in fact, is perfect in ordr to describe what happens after sunset, when lights are turned on and people get ready to go out after a long day spent in the office or at university.

One of the favorite places in the city is the so-called “Tana del Re”, a restaurant located in a building which previously was a coal deposit. After being renewed, it became a warm and very refined space where you can smell the perfumes of the Amalfi coast, as well as tasting its cuisine.

Discovering Imperia

Imperia offers you a very special offer (get 2 at the price of 1!): Oneglia and Porto Maurizio. Two harbours, two historical centers and two different aspects of the same city.

It is simply brilliant, and due to this region you definitely have to visit it, even for just a weekend or a couple of days.

Visit the old village of Porto Maurizio, then go to the Cathedral of Saint Maurice (San Maurizio in Italian), since it is the largest Ligurian church.