“La Tana del Re” restaurant in Turin

Tana del re

Visiting Turin is not only going around to see museums and monuments, but it’s also enjoying the “movida”, which is the night life.

This Spanish word, in fact, is perfect in ordr to describe what happens after sunset, when lights are turned on and people get ready to go out after a long day spent in the office or at university.

One of the favorite places in the city is the so-called “Tana del Re”, a restaurant located in a building which previously was a coal deposit. After being renewed, it became a warm and very refined space where you can smell the perfumes of the Amalfi coast, as well as tasting its cuisine.

That’s because both the unique and romantic atmosphere is something the owners really care about in order to let the clients have a great time there.

The restaurant, in fact, also hosts shows, concerts (both classical and jazz music) for a very specific reason: make the binomial “food and culture” even stronger. The result is a place where you can enjoy the music while tasting some great specialties, such as the beans of Controne.

Ask for the pomodorino of the Vesuvius’s peinnolo, or the buffalo meat, or the prestigious and very tasty handicraft pasta of Setaro’s brothers.You will find all these products here, no matter if you are in the Piedmontese region and not in the Campania one.

Choose the table you prefer, the one near the big windows, from where you can see the streets, or the one located near the bricks, and get ready to choose what you want to order from the menu.

Since you may not able to find a table if you don’t book it in advance, it would be better if you make a reservation by phone. Buon appetito!

La Tana del Re
Via Giovanni Virginio1
Telephone: (+39) 011 8141479