Discovering Imperia

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Imperia offers you a very special offer (get 2 at the price of 1!): Oneglia and Porto Maurizio. Two harbours, two historical centers and two different aspects of the same city.

It is simply brilliant, and due to this region you definitely have to visit it, even for just a weekend or a couple of days.

Visit the old village of Porto Maurizio, then go to the Cathedral of Saint Maurice (San Maurizio in Italian), since it is the largest Ligurian church.

Then go around visiting the small roads that cling to the promontory of Perasio to the loggias of the Convent of Saint Claire (Santa Chiara in Italian), located on the ancient walls rising sheer above the sea. From there, the view is breathless.

Have a relaxing day on the Borgo Marina, where the beach is made with golden sand, and due to this reason it is called Golden Beach. Even if it is not summer, people love spending their time there, since the place is simply beautiful, even during a rainy or windy day.

If you are there in September, you have to go to the Antique Sailboat Meeting, a biennial event held during this month, which is seen as something mandatory.

If you like sauntering in the city under the arcades, go to Via Bonfante in Oneglia: it is the most elegant way to stroll and go shopping. Via San Giovanni, then, is a must for those who love stores that specialise in local gastronomic delicacies.

What else could you ask for for a city that can offer you evertything you ask for? Keep also in mind that the villas are surrounded by parks, where you can relax, do sport or sitting down do whatever you want.

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