A taste in Turin

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Thinking about sweets, Turin is the Italian city of some of the most important coffee houses and chocolates. It is the place where tradition and innovation meet while the food is in your mouth.

That is why you can taste a delicious flavour you can’t find anywhere else.

As many of you may know, Turin has the greatest number of historic coffee houses in the whole country.

The most famous one date back to the late 18th and early 19th century. That was the time when in Italy the coffee houses was regularly the place where intellectuals, philosophers and politicians regularly met.

Not only because of the coffee, of course, but also for the design of the place: usally ornated with guilt-framed mirrors, elaborate stucco work, wood paneling. The seats and chairs were made by the highest quality of leather and velvet.

The history of coffee is curious: in 1786, in his bar in Piazza Castello (one of the main squares in the centre), Benedetto Carpano had a great idea: adding a mix of som aromatic herbs and spices to his white wine.

He created then the Vermouth, which is now one of the symbols of the city.

Another place you absolutely have to try is the Eataly, which is located in the Lingotto area, near the shopping mall called “8 Gallery”. Here, people can spend a plenty of time looking for the Italian food.

You can find, taste and purchase the finest of the country’s gastronomic production. The gelato over there is delicious, you can’t miss it.

You can’t miss the chance to try a plate of agnolotti, pasta parcels filled with various types of meat, or the “bonet”, the famous dessert for which Turin is known.  Made with chocolate and amaretti, it is a special-occasion dessert.