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Torino Comics & Games 2013 reached its 19th edition, and it was hosted by the Lingotto Complex during April 12-14th.

For whom doesn’t know it, it is one of the Italian trade shows dedicated to comics, giving the chance to the fans to meet authors, play tournaments, buy some games, manga or posters at a cheper price.

In fact, for the occasion, the game industry, in order to have a very large number of both visitors and fans, decided to opt for a smart marketing strategy. By lowering the price, in fact, it was definitely obvious the number of sold tickets would have been that big.

The exhibit was created in 1994, and since then it was hold in Turin. During some of its past editions it was studied to be during the same day of the Internation Book Fair, having a big space to welcome its fans, but then the number of people interested grew, so they decide to have a specific event just for comics and manga.

This exhibit, in fact, is now held before the Internation Book Fair, which is always in May, while the Torino Comics can be in April or May, according to the promoters.

If you are in the city next year, do not miss the chance to visit it, and do not be surprised if you see some of your or your children’s favorite cartoon characters. Lot of fans will be dress up to represent their idols: that’s the philosophy of the so-called cosplay, the very well know performance art famous all over the world.

Take some pictures with your them, as memory, and if you want, you can also find some make-up artists ready to transform you in some cartoon characters. Maybe you will be lucky enough to become the Joker from The Dark Knight. Fingers crossed!