The “Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice” in Florence

If you are in Florence, you can’t miss the chance to eat in this wonderful place called “La Cantinetta di Dante e Beatrice”, recalling the city’s most important figure, Dante Alighieri.

Situated in the centre, in via del Corso 27/r, just a block from the Dome, the place offers a really nice atmosphere, and, unnlike several other eateries located in the same area, it’s quite spacious and equipped with comfortable seatings.

The perfect location for all the tourists who get hungry while visiting all around and want to eat something fresh and cheap.

The Cantinetta is a charming and delicious place to step by if you don’t want to waste your time nor money.It is a family-run place and you can feel it as soon as you enter, while you choose the food of snacks you want to eat. The owners have high standards of quality and stock up on really amazing products and wines. The food is outstanding, both the sandwhiches and the pasta, which is considered by some tourists “something you can die for”, and the staff is superb, nice and speaks English.

You can choose between dozens of sandwich combinations at a very reasonable price, made with fresh bread and ingredients, especially vegetables. The roasted turkey “panino” (“sandwich” in Italian) is definitely the tastiest one, even though the “bruschetta”, which is the toasted bread rubbed with garlic and topped with extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, is delicious. The same can be said about the sweets the bar offers: try the yummy “torta della nonna” (“grandmother’s tart”), the very famous Tuscan cheese tart. It’s the best way to end your lunch.

It’s definitely a nice place to have some healthy and tasty snack with local products while chatting for a couple of hours while sipping some glasses of good Tuscan wine.