EFF Cucina e Stagioni restaurant

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The EFF Cucina e Stagioni in Milan is a great place where to spend a special evening where lights, colors, live music and great food are the keywords.

In particular, if you go on Thursday, you will listen to some great live jazz music while you are eating in a charming room where guests usually take pictures of it, because it looks like everything is real and the pictures on the internet are not fake.

The real surprise, then, is the food, of course: the chef Roberto Bellitti is very talented, that is why he tries to offer a rainbow of dishes in a compact menu, which is usually based on seasonal ingredients. One of the menu dishes, for example, is the crispy egg which is called in Italian “uovo croccante”. It is a delicious reinterpretation of an Icelandic recipe.

Don’t miss the chance to try the typical the spaghetti with mushrooms and rosemary, which not only looks good, but it is also tasty.

If you don’t want to have any bad surprises when you ask for the check, have a look on-line at the menu, so you can consult the prices before and you get an idea of the budget you will spend at dinner.

And remember the nice staff is at your disposal for everything, even suggestions of the choice of the food. And waiters speak English, so don’t worry at all: you will definitely find a way to communicate.

The owner and creator of this lovely place which look like one of the ones you can find in Manhattan is Federico Cascinelli, and he decided to use the initials of his name and the one of his children, Eleonora and Filippo to invent the name of the restaurant. That is where the EFF comes from.
EFF Cucina e Stagioni
Via Giovanni Cadolini 19, Milan
Telephone: (+39) 02 84 57 59 43
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 7.00 pm – 2.00 am. Closed on Mondays and Sundays.