Capri: holiday rental villas and apartments in Amalfi Coast

Capri holidays rental villas

Capri is a tourist destination that is loved and appreciated all over the world.  This island, known as “Gulf of Naples pearl”, has so many natural beauties that has always fascineted its visitors.

Over the centuries, Capri has also being source of inspiration for writers, musicians and painters who have dedicated their works to it.

This city, located in the southern of Italy, fall in love with many famous producers that transform it in a spectacular scenery for their films and tv series.

In Capri there are many beautiful and romantic places to visit, and for this it is become a true legend that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

The main attraction of Capri is represented by the “Faraglioni“. They are three enormous and imposing rocks that come out directly from the sea, and for their proximity to the coast, they are considered “the gardians” of the island. Each of them is known with a different name, that is: Faraglione Stella, Faraglione di Mezzo and Faraglione di Fuori.

The “Grotta Azzurra” is the emblem of the Neapolitan island, and it is located in Anacapri, so in the territory of Capri. The main characteristic of this place is represented by the particular and fantastic play of colors made by the light that, entering through an opening situated in its most submerged part, radiates in the cave creating magical and romantic atmospheres that are different according to the specific part of the day.

So organizing here your holiday, you can visit these wonderful things, making also a suggestive tour of the island.

The opportunities to reach Capri are numerous. In fact you can decide to travel by train, arriving to the station and then continuing in bus; seaborne and so by boat, starting from “Molo Beverello” in Neaples; by airplane arriving at the airport or by car, embarking on a ferry.

For what concerns the accommodation during the permanence in Amalfi Coast, a great opportunity is the possibility to book a Capri villas for rent. These kind of buildings guarantee the independence of their guests and they are also equipped  with a series of comforts.

All villas are built in the typical mediterranean vegetation and they have a large terrace with the view on the clear sea where it’s possible to have breakfast enjoying the wonderful landscape.

Instead for people who love nature, the ideal is to stay on a farm in the middle of the countryside of Capri. These are quiet places where the owners are careful to the well-being of their guests and where it’s possible to eat tasty dinner.

Others kind of accommodations could be the hotels, full of services and comforts, or the farms and the bed & breakfast where there is great quiet.

So the choice of a holiday in Capri allows to live an unique experience, made of extraordinary places and therefore you will feel like in a fairy tale.