Tips to save money while you travel to Italy- part 2

It’s not true that Italy is so expensive! It depends of course on how you want to spend your vacation and have fun. Something you can do in order to keep the costs down is making your travel in Italy more affordable.

In the last post we talked about food. Let’s see now something else, so get ready to write everything down.

Instead of booking a room at the hotel, consider the idea of renting an apartment. They are definitely great value, especially if your staying is a little bit longer and you can stay there for a month. You can also have the chance to cook by yourself instead of spending money everyday to eat out. A place all yours, without any problems about people stealing stuff from hotels and so on.

The best way to get cheap deals is booking cars or trains in advance. In fact, in both cases, the further in advance you book the greater chance you have of getting a cheaper rate, and sometimes they are really cheap! It gets more expensive nearer the time you need it, since it’s seen as a last minute solution, and they can basically charge you as much as they want, since it looks like you need the car or the seat on the train desperatly. If you travel only in one day, having the departure and the coming back in the same day, you can get some very interesting deals, as well as travelling in 2 or during the weekend. Check everything out on the website (there is the English version too, don’t worry). Remember to punch the ticket before getting on the train: that’s how the Italian system works, and you could get a fine if they find you breaking the law.