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“La Tana del Re” restaurant in Turin

tana del reVisiting Turin is not only going around to see museums and monuments, but it’s also enjoying the “movida”, which is the night life.

This Spanish word, in fact, is perfect in ordr to describe what happens after sunset, when lights are turned on and people get ready to go out after a long day spent in the office or at university.

One of the favorite places in the city is the so-called “Tana del Re”, a restaurant located in a building which previously was a coal deposit. After being renewed, it became a warm and very refined space where you can smell the perfumes of the Amalfi coast, as well as tasting its cuisine.

Torino Comics 2013

Torino Comics & Games 2013 reached its 19th edition, and it was hosted by the Lingotto Complex during April 12-14th.

For whom doesn’t know it, it is one of the Italian trade shows dedicated to comics, giving the chance to the fans to meet authors, play tournaments, buy some games, manga or posters at a cheper price.

In fact, for the occasion, the game industry, in order to have a very large number of both visitors and fans, decided to opt for a smart marketing strategy. By lowering the price, in fact, it was definitely obvious the number of sold tickets would have been that big.

A taste in Turin

Thinking about sweets, Turin is the Italian city of some of the most important coffee houses and chocolates. It is the place where tradition and innovation meet while the food is in your mouth. That is why you can taste a delicious flavour you can’t find anywhere else.

As many of you may know, Turin has the greatest number of historic coffee houses in the whole country. The most famous one date back to the late 18th and early 19th century. That was the time when in Italy the coffee houses was regularly the place where intellectuals, philosophers and politicians regularly met.

Henry Bresson in Turin: a must seen exhibition

If you love photographs and you want to see something different in the first capital of Italy, you can’t miss Henri Cartier-Bresson Photographe. It is a very interesting exhibition where you can admire more than a hundred black and white pictures shot by the French artist during his career, between the early 30’s and the end of the 70’s.

You can immediately understand the genius inside the man: Bresson captured a lot of historical and social events, because he was interested in showing the everyday life of ordinary people, such as a prostitute smiling in the street, or happy children playing together. According to Bresson, stolen shots were the only way to have people be spontaneous, communicating better the real essence of life: in fact, the beauty of a photograph lies in the moment when it’s taken.